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Table of Contents

Real Reading 3: Creating an Authentic Reading Experience (mp3 files included)

Lynn Bonesteel

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2011
Format: Paper Bound With Disk, 272 pp.

ISBN-10: 0137144431
ISBN-13: 9780137144433

Status: In Stock
Published: 08/11/2010

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Table of Contents


The Real Reading Unit


Scope and Sequence


Unit 1  Pop Culture

            Chapter 1         Move Over, Hollywood!

            Chapter 2         Marketing the Future: Pop Culture Trends in the BRICs


Unit 2  Personal Best

            Chapter 3         Running around the World

            Chapter 4         Bigger is Better, Except When It's Not


Unit 3  Doing Real Business in the Virtual World

            Chapter 5         Your Second Life

            Chapter 6         Virtual Reality: A Powerful Tool


            Fluency Practice 1


Unit 4  Checking Out

            Chapter 7         Choosing to Be Different

            Chapter 8         Welcome to Leisureville


Unit 5  Great Minds

            Chapter 9         Reading Colors

            Chapter 10       Not Enough Points on the Chicken


Unit 6  Creature Feature

            Chapter 11       Crows' Brains and Geckos' Feet

            Chapter 12       Creature Comfort


            Fluency Practice 2


Unit 7  Getting Away from It All

            Chapter 13       Trends in Tourism

            Chapter 14       Just Back: High Tide in La Serenissima


Unit 8  Civilized Dining

            Chapter 15       A Blossom Lunch

            Chapter 16       The First Home-Cooked Meal


Unit 9  Family Matters

            Chapter 17       Widows

            Chapter 18       Lost and Found


            Fluency Practice 3


Unit 10  Business

            Chapter 19       Branding and Product Placement

            Chapter 20       Case Study: 3M's Entrance into the Russian Market


Unit 11  Biology: The Science of Life

            Chapter 21       Symbiosis

            Chapter 22       Mixing It Up


Unit 12  Born Special

            Chapter 23       Being a Genius Is Hard Work

            Chapter 24       Through the Eyes of Love


            Fluency Practice 4



New Words

Vocabulary Practice 1-12

Fluency Progress Charts

Fluency Practice Answer Key

Pronunciation Table

Vocabulary Index

MP3 Audio Tracking Guide


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