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Table of Contents

Real Reading 4: Creating an Authentic Reading Experience (mp3 files included)

Alice Savage
David Wiese

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2011
Format: Paper Bound With Disk, 288 pp.

ISBN-10: 0135027713
ISBN-13: 9780135027714

Status: In Stock
Published: 08/13/2010

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Table of Contents


The Real Reading Unit


Scope and Sequence


Unit 1  The Science of Sound

            Chapter 1         Earworms

            Chapter 2         How We Use Sound


Unit 2  In the Garden

            Chapter 3         Tokyo Farmer

            Chapter 4         My Invisible Garden


Unit 3  Children and Manners

            Chapter 5         Manners: Do Children Really Need Them?

            Chapter 6         The Nanny Diaries


            Fluency Practice 1


Unit 4  Tall Trees

            Chapter 7         The Biggest Trees on Earth

            Chapter 8         Up a Tree


Unit 5  The Time of Your Life

            Chapter 9         On Turning Ten

            Chapter 10       A New Take on the Golden Years


Unit 6  Food for Thought

            Chapter 11       Feeding the Children Well

            Chapter 12       Meat Under Fire


            Fluency Practice 2


Unit 7  Astronomy: Is Anybody Out There?

            Chapter 13       Another Earth

            Chapter 14       Seeing Is Believing


Unit 8  Less Is More

            Chapter 15       The Small House Movement

            Chapter 16       Twenty-four Rooms in One House


Unit 9  Face-to-Face with Big Cats

            Chapter 17       How to Survive a Mountain Lion Attack

            Chapter 18       Life of Pi


            Fluency Practice 3


Unit 10  Sustainability

            Chapter 19       Reaching Our Limits: Welcome to 2100

            Chapter 20       Desert State Puts Oil Wealth into the World's First Sustainable City


Unit 11  Multitasking: Can You Handle It?

            Chapter 21       Keeping an Eye on the Sky

            Chapter 22       The Effects of Multitasking


Unit 12  Doing Business in the Developing World

            Chapter 23       The Next Billion

            Chapter 24       A Company Prospers by Saving Poor People's Lives


            Fluency Practice 4



New Words

Vocabulary Practice 1-12

Fluency Progress Charts

Fluency Practice Answer Key

Pronunciation Table

Vocabulary Index

MP3 Audio Tracking Guide


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