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Table of Contents

Perfect Partner! Longman Study Dictionary of American English, 2nd Edition
What a World Reading 1: Amazing Stories from Around the Globe, 2/e

Milada Broukal

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2010
Format: Paper, 160 pp.

ISBN-10: 0132472678
ISBN-13: 9780132472678

Status: In Stock
Published: 01/12/2011

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Table of Contents


Unit 1      Who Is J.K. Rowling?            

Unit 2      What Are Some New Year’s Customs?

Unit 3      Where Is Buckingham Palace?                                                         

Unit 4      Why Are Cows Special in India?

Unit 5      Why Do Some People Give Gifts for Weddings?

Unit 6       What’s Special About the Blowfish?

Unit 7       Who Are the Sami?

Unit 8       Why Are Rain Forests So Important?

Unit 9       Where Is The Great Wall?

Unit 10     What Is Tornado Alley?


Self-Test 1: Units 1—10


Unit 11             Who Was Andrew Carnegie?

Unit 12             What Is Life Like In Antarctica?

Unit 13             Where Do People Live Under the Ground?

Unit 14             Why Do People Decorate Their Bodies?

Unit 15             Who Are the Uros?

Unit 16             What Is Canada’s Favorite Sport?

Unit 17             What’s Special About New Zealand?

Unit 18             Why Is the Elephant Important In Thailand?

Unit 19             Who Were the Men Sailing Dragon Ships?

Unit 20             How Did the Red Cross Start?


Self-Test 2: Units 11—20

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