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Table of Contents
Student Resources

Perfect Partner! Longman Dictionary of American English, 4th Edition
What a World Listening 3: Amazing Stories from Around the Globe, 2/e

Milada Broukal

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2011
Format: Paper, 160 pp.

ISBN-10: 0131382004
ISBN-13: 9780131382008

Status: In Stock
Published: 01/05/2011

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Table of Contents

Unit 1    What Are Some Famous Castles Around the World?


Unit 2    What Do you Know about Ancient Civilzations of the Americas?


Unit 3    What Are Some Famous Festivals Around the World?


Unit 4    Who Are Some Famous Legendary Characters?


Unit 5    What Are Some Famous Temples Around the World?


Unit 6    Who are Some Famous Fashion Designers?


Unit 7    How Do People Around the World Eat?


Unit 8    How Do People Celebrate a Wedding?


Unit 9    What Are Some Famous Burial Tombs Around the World?


Unit 10    Whar Are Some Famous Volcanoes Around the World?


Unit 11    Who Are Some Famous People from the Renaissance?


Unit 12    Whar Are Some Unusual Sports in the World?


Unit 13    What is Oceania?


Unit 14    What Are Some Spices of the World?


Unit 15    How Does Science Explore the Sea Today?


Unit 16    Who Brought Us The World Wide Web?


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