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Table of Contents

Perfect Partner! Future 2: English for Results
Perfect Partner! Future 3: English for Results
Future U.S. Citizens with Active Book

Sarah Lynn
Federico Salas-Isnardi
Gemma Santos

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2011
Format: Paper Bound With Disk, 240 pp.

ISBN-10: 0131381660
ISBN-13: 9780131381667

Status: In Stock
Published: 01/10/2011

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Table of Contents




Unit 1   Colonial Period and Independence

Lesson 1          Early America

Lesson 2          The American Revolution

Lesson 3          The Declaration of Independence

Lesson 4          The Constitutional Convention

Lesson 5          George Washington and Benjamin Franklin


Unit 2   The 1800s

Lesson 1          The United States Expands

Lesson 2          The Civil War

Lesson 3          Abraham Lincoln

Lesson 4          Equal Rights


Unit 3   Recent American History

Lesson 1          World Wars I and II

Lesson 2          20th Century Wars

Lesson 3          The Civil Rights Movement

Lesson 4          September 11, 2001


Unit 4   Principles of American Democracy

Lesson 1          The Constitution

Lesson 2          The Bill of Rights


Unit 5   System of Government Part 1

Lesson1           The Three Branches of Government

Lesson 2          Checks and Balances


Unit 6   System of Government Part 2

Lesson 1          The President

Lesson 2          The Vice President and Speaker of the House

Lesson 3          The U.S. Cabinet


Unit 7   System of Government Part 3

Lesson 1          The Senate

Lesson 2          The House of Representatives

Lesson 3          The Judicial Branch


Unit 8   System of Government Part 4

Lesson 1          Federal vs. State Government

Lesson 2          State Government

Lesson 3          Political Parties


Unit 9   Rights and Responsibilities

Lesson 1          Basic Rights

Lesson 2          More Rights and Responsibilities


Unit 10  Geography

Lesson 1          U.S. Borders and Territories


Unit 11  Symbols

Lesson 1          The Statue of Liberty

Lesson 2          The Flag and the National Anthem


Unit 12  Holidays

Lesson 1          National Holidays





Unit 1    Grammar for the Interview

Lesson 1          Yes/No Questions and Short Answers

Lesson 2          Tag Questions

Lesson 3          Yes/No Questions in the Present Perfect

Lesson 4          How Long and How Many with Present Perfect


Unit 2    Beginning the Interview

Lesson 1          Greetings and Shaking Hands

Lesson 2          Making Small Talk

Lesson 3          Using Polite Language and Following Directions

Lesson 4          Using Appropriate Body Language


Unit 3    The N-400 Parts 1-9

Lesson 1          Asking for Repetition

Lesson 2          Checking Your Understanding

Lesson 3          Asking Someone to Speak More Slowly or Louder

Lesson 4          Stalling for Time

Lesson 5          Using Clear Pronunciation and Self-Correcting

Lesson 6          Responding to Request for Clarification


Unit 4    Additional Questions

Lesson 1          Using Polite Expressions

Lesson 2          Asking for Definitions or Explanations

Lesson 3          Self-Correcting Your Grammar

Lesson 4          Responding Appropriately to Questions

Lesson 5          Asking For an Example

Lesson 6          Taking the Oath of Allegiance





Reading Test Prep

Writing Test Prep

Writing Test Prep Answer Key



N-400 Form with Glossary

Map of North America

Civics Test Prep Answer Key

Speaking Test Prep Answer Key

100 Civics Questions and Answers


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