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Table of Contents
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Perfect Partner! Longman Advanced American Dictionary
Focus on Vocabulary 2: Mastering the Academic Word List, 2/e

Diane Schmitt
Norbert Schmitt

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2011
Format: Paper, 288 pp.

ISBN-10: 0131376179
ISBN-13: 9780131376175

Status: In Stock
Published: 01/05/2011

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Table of Contents


Unit 1 Our Changing Society


Chapter 1: Technology and Society

            Reading: Human Societies — From the Iceman to Us


Chapter 2: Social Experience and Personal Development

            Reading: Social Forces That Shape Our Lives

            Reading: Emotions in Global Perspective: Do We All Feel the Same?


Chapter 3: The Changing Nature of the Family

            Reading: Family Structure


Chapter 4: Strategy Practice



Unit 2 Consumer Behavior and Marketing


Chapter 5: Influencing the Customer

            Reading: Marketing’s Impact on the Consumer


Chapter 6: Who Buys What? The Family’s Influence

            Reading: Consumer Socialization of Family Members

            Reading: Different Views on Purchasing Behavior


Chapter 7: How We See Ourselves

            Reading: How Perspectives on the Self Influence Consumer Behavior


Chapter 8: Strategy Practice



Unit 3 Workplaces and Work Spaces


Chapter 9: How Office Space Affects Behavior

            Reading: Work Space Design


Chapter 10: The Modern Office: Symbols of Status

            Reading: The Meaning of the Chair

            Reading: Office Designs That Work


Chapter 11: Sitting Comfortably

            Reading: The Ergonomics of Sitting


Chapter 12: Strategy Practice



Unit 4 Use and Abuse of Natural Resources


Chapter 13: Water for Sale

            Reading: Exploding Sales for Bottled Water


Chapter 14: The Aral Sea — An Environmental Disaster

            Reading: The Dying Lake

            Reading: Creating More Fresh Water Through Desalination


Chapter 15: International Conflict over Natural Resources

            Reading: Water Politics in the Middle East and North Africa


Chapter 16: Strategy Practice



Unit 5 We Are What We Eat


Chapter 17: Food Roots and Foodways

            Reading: Food Habits and Beliefs


Chapter 18: Getting Back to Nature

            Reading: Organic Farming Versus Traditional Methods

            Reading: Genetically Modified Foods


Chapter 19: Microorganisms: The Spice of Life?

            Reading: Food Microbiology


Chapter 20: Strategy Practice



Unit 6 Encounters with Music and Sound


Chapter 21: Music as Social Conscience

            Reading: Opposing War Through Music: Classical and Modern Examples


Chapter 22: Noise Hurts

            Reading: Noise Pollution

            Reading: The Science of Sound


Chapter 23: Ultrasonics: Super Sound?

            Reading: Ultrasonics


Chapter 24: Strategy Practice



Unit 7 Animal Nature


Chapter 25: Endangered Elephants

            Reading: Saving the African Elephant: Using International Law and Trade


Chapter 26: Animals: How Human?

            Reading: Chimpanzees: Our Closest Relative

            Reading: Kanzi: A Case of Ape Language Development


Chapter 27: Living Together: Advantage or Disadvantage?

            Reading: The Costs and Benefits of Social Behavior


Chapter 28: Strategy Practice




Index of Target Words

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