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Table of Contents

What a World Listening 2: Amazing Stories from Around the Globe (Student Book and Classroom Audio CD), 2/e

Milada Broukal

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2011
Format: Paper

ISBN-10: 0132626543
ISBN-13: 9780132626545

Status: In Stock
Published: 01/18/2011

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Table of Contents


Unit 1    What Are Some Different Types of Inventions?

Unit 2    What Is Beauty Around the World?

Unit 3    What Countries Have Roylaty Today?

Unit 4    What Are Some Rites of Passage?

Unit 5    Who Are Some Famous Explorers?

Unit 6    What Are Some Jobs that Are Unique to Australia?

Unit 7    What Have the Chinese Given to the World?

Unit 8    Who Are Some Famous Scientists in Medicine?

Unit 9    Who Are Some Famous Detective Story Characters?


Self-Test: Units 1-9


Unit 10    What Are Some Endangered Species?

Unit 11    What Are Some Ways People Get Married?

Unit 12    What Are Some Extreme Sports?

Unit 13    Who Are Some Famous Science Fiction Authors?

Unit 14    What Do You Know about Sleep?

Unit 15    What Is the Future of Transportation?

Unit 16    What Are Some Fascinating Structures in Africa?

Unit 17    What Are the Smallest Countries in the World?

Unit 18    Where Do People Live the Longest?


Self-Test: units 10-18



    Internet Activities

    Map of the World

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