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For Your Information 4: Reading and Vocabulary Skills (Student Book and Classroom Audio CDs), 2/e

Karen Blanchard
Christine Root

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2007
Format: Kit/Package/Shrinkwrap, 270 pp.

ISBN-10: 0132604329
ISBN-13: 9780132604321

Status: In Stock
Published: 09/28/2010

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Table of Contents

Unit 1               WHAT LANGUAGES DO YOU SPEAK?


Chapter 1         Reaping the Rewards of Learning English

Chapter 2         The Hope of Esperanto

Chapter 3         Instant Messaging: Shaping Our Lives

Tie It All Together

Unit 1 Vocabulary Self-Test



Unit 2               DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY


Chapter 1         The E-Factor!

Chapter 2         Happiness Is ...

Chapter 3         How Color Can Change Your Life

Tie It All Together

Unit 2 Vocabulary Self-Test



Unit 3               HOME AND FAMILY


Chapter 1         The House on Mango Street

Chapter 2         My House

Chapter 3         Birth Order: What It Means for Your Kids ... and You

Tie It All Together

Unit 3 Vocabulary Self-Test



Unit 4               WINNING AND LOSING


Chapter 1         Athletes as Role Models

Chapter 2         Olympic Marathons, Then and Now

Chapter 3         Helping Athletes Go for the GOld

Tie It All Together

Unit 4 Vocabulary Self-Test



Unit 5               HEALING POWER


Chapter 1         Plant Power

Chapter 2         Music's Surprising Power to Heal

Chapter 3         Frogs and Human Health

Tie It All Together

Unit 5 Vocabulary Self-Test



Unit 6               CRIME


Chapter 1         They're Stealing Our Masterpieces

Chapter 2         Crime Lab

Chapter 3         For Sale: Stolen Animals

Tie It All Together

Unit 6 Vocabulary Self-Test



Unit 7               THE UNIVERSE AND BEYOND


Chapter 1         Valuable By-Products of Space Research

Chapter 2         Destination Mars

Chapter 3         Dancing to the Music of Physics

Tie It All Together

Unit 7 Vocabulary Self-Test



Unit 8               BUSINESS SAVVY


Chapter 1         Nothing but the Truth

Chapter 2         Do's and Taboos

Tie It All Together

Unit 8 Vocabulary Self-Test



Vocabulary Self-Tests Answer Key


Map of the World

Map of the United States

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