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For Your Information 2: Reading and Vocabulary Skills (Student Book and Classroom Audio CDs), 2/e

Karen Blanchard
Christine Root

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2007
Format: Kit/Package/Shrinkwrap, 224 pp.

ISBN-10: 0132626470
ISBN-13: 9780132626477

Status: In Stock
Published: 09/28/2010

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Table of Contents

Unit 1               TUNE IN TO TECHNOLOGY


Chapter 1         New Robots on Display

Chapter 2         Online Shopping is Big Business

Chapter 3         Florida Family Gets Computer Chips

Tie It All Together

Unit 1 Vocabulary Self-Test



Unit 2               TRAVEL TALK


Chapter 1         Sailing Around the World

Chapter 2         A Suitcase Story

Chapter 3         Flying High but Feeling Low

Tie It All Together

Unit 2 Vocabulary Self-Test



Unit 3               ANIMALS IN OUR LIVES


Chapter 1         Can Animals Think?

Chapter 2         Crazy About Cats, or Just Crazy?

Chapter 3         Call the Medicine Man

Tie It All Together

Unit 3 Vocabulary Self-Test





Chapter 1         People with Disabilities Find Challenge on Ski Slopes

Chapter 2         Breaking Records

Chapter 3         Sounds of Bali

Tie It All Together

Unit 4 Vocabulary Self-Test



Unit 5               BRAIN POWER


Chapter 1         Do You Know Your Right Brain from Your Left Brain?

Chapter 2         Albert Einstein: The World’s Most Famous Scientist

Chapter 3         How Good Is Your Memory?

Tie It All Together

Unit 5 Vocabulary Self-Test



Unit 6               COMPANIES THAT CARE


Chapter 1         The Body Shop: A Success Story

Chapter 2         The Scoop on Ben & Jerry’s

Chapter 3         A New Use for Old Bottles

Tie It All Together

Unit 6 Vocabulary Self-Test



Unit 7               FOOD FOR THOUGHT


Chapter 1         Space Muffin Wins Contest

Chapter 2         Chocolate: A Taste of History

Chapter 3         Do TV Commercials Affect Eating Habits?

Tie It All Together

Unit 7 Vocabulary Self-Test



Unit 8               HOW’S THE WEATHER?


Chapter 1         Are You SAD?

Chapter 2         Tornado Chaser

Chapter 3         Climate and Weather

Tie It All Together

Unit 8 Vocabulary Self-Test



Vocabulary Self-Tests Answer Key


Map of the United States

Map of the World

Reader’s Journal

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