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Table of Contents

Critical Reading Reading


Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2015
Format: Paper

ISBN-10: 2761356543
ISBN-13: 9782761356541

Status: In Stock
Published: 04/15/2015

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Myth or Reality
Subject Area: Life Sciences
FOCUS: Introduction ot Critical Reading

Chapter 2: What is the Best Way to Eat?
Subject Area: Nutritional Sciences
FOCUS: Academic or Not?

Chapter 3: The Values of Sports
Subject Area: Sports Studies
FOCUS: Author Credentials and Bias

Chapter 4: Approaches to the Global Energy Crisis
Subject Area: Environmental Studies
FOCUS: Stance, Audience and Purpose

Chapter 5: Leaders and Leadership
Subject Areas: Business Studies, Leadership and Management
FOCUS: Fact or Opinion?

Chapter 6: Technology in Education
Subject Areas: Education, Computer Studies
FOCUS: Interpreting Evidence 1: Casual Observation and Empirical Research

Chapter 7: Design and Productivity
Subject Area: Interior Design
FOCUS: Evidence 2: Other Forms of Support

Chapter 8: Inequality, Wealth and Happiness
Subject Areas: Economics, Psychology
FOCUS: The Text in Context 1

Chapter 9: Social Networks: A Magic Number?
Subject Areas: Social Anthropology, Computer Studies
FOCUS: The Text in Context 2

Chapter 10: Looking at the Stars
Subject Area: Astronomy
FOCUS: Bringing It All Together

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