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Table of Contents
Student Resources

Focus on Grammar 1 with MyEnglishLab, 4/e

Irene Schoenberg
Jay Maurer

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2017
Format: Paper Bound With Access Card, 432 pp.

ISBN-10: 0134119975
ISBN-13: 9780134119977

Status: In Stock
Published: 12/16/2016

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Table of Contents

Welcome to Focus on Grammar
The Focus on Grammar Unit
Scope and Sequence
About the Authors

Getting Started
Cast of Characters

PART 1 Identifying Things and People
UNIT 1 This is/These are; Subject Pronouns
UNIT 2 Singular and Plural Nouns; Proper Nouns; A and An

PART 2 Be: Present
UNIT 3 Present of Be: Statements
UNIT 4 That is/Those are; Possessive Adjectives
UNIT 5 Present of Be: Yes/No Questions; Questions with Who and What
UNIT 6 Present of Be: Questions with Where; Prepositions of Place

PART 3 Be: Past
UNIT 7 Past of Be: Statements and Yes/No Questions
UNIT 8 Past of Be: Wh- Questions

PART 4 Imperatives and the Simple Present
UNIT 9 Imperatives
UNIT 10 Simple Present: Statements
UNIT 11 Simple Present: Yes/No Questions
UNIT 12 Simple Present: Wh- Questions
UNIT 13 Simple Present with Adverbs of Frequency

PART 5 Adjectives
UNIT 14 Adjectives
UNIT 15 Comparative Adjectives

PART 6 Present Progressive and Can
UNIT 16 Present Progressive: Statements
UNIT 17 Present Progressive: Yes/No Questions
UNIT 18 Present Progressive: Wh- Questions
UNIT 19 Can and Can't

PART 7 Nouns, Articles, and Pronouns
UNIT 20 Possessive Nouns; This, That, These, and Those
UNIT 21 Count and Non-Count Nouns; Some and Any
UNIT 22 A, An, and The; One and Ones
UNIT 23 Subject and Object Pronouns

PART 8 Simple Past
UNIT 24 Simple Past Statements: Regular Verbs
UNIT 25 Simple Past: Irregular Verbs; Yes/No Questions
UNIT 26 Simple Past: Wh- Questions

PART 9 Asking About and Expressing Quantity
UNIT 27 How many and How much; Quantity Expressions
UNIT 28 There is, There are, There was, and There were

PART 10 Future with Be Going to
UNIT 29 Future with Be Going to: Statements
UNIT 30 Future with Be Going to: Questions

Glossary of Grammar Terms
Unit Review Answer Key
Key to Exercises with Guessed Answers
Information Gaps, Student B

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