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Table of Contents

Even More True Stories Student Book with Essential Online Resources Level 4, Silver Edition, 4/e

Sandra Heyer
Sandra Heyer

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2019
Format: Paper Bound With Access Card, 144 pp.

ISBN-10: 0135177944
ISBN-13: 9780135177945

Status: In Stock
Published: 07/18/2018

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Table of Contents

UNIT 1 Love at First Sight 
UNIT 2 The Semong (The Tsunami) 
UNIT 3 More Alike Than Different 
UNIT 4 Healthy Again
UNIT 5 If You Have Time
UNIT 6 The Buried City 
UNIT 7 Misunderstandings 
UNIT 8 A Real Bargain 
UNIT 9 Black Cats and Broken Mirrors 
UNIT 10 Flight 5390 
UNIT 11 A Killer in the Back Seat 
UNIT 12 How You Finish 
UNIT 13 The Plain People 
UNIT 14 Does Death Take a Holiday? 
UNIT 15 Sucker Day 
UNIT 16 Love under Siege
Key to Guessed Answers

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