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Table of Contents
Student Resources

StartUp 4, Student Book

Lynn Bonesteel

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2019
Format: Paper, 176 pp.

ISBN-10: 0134684176
ISBN-13: 9780134684178

Status: In Stock
Published: 04/03/2019

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StartUp is a completely new course for adults and young adults who want to make their way in the
world and need English to do it. StartUp makes learning easy and relevant, focusing on meaningful
language that builds student confidence in using English, both in and out of class. Teachers are
supported in numerous ways, minimizing preparation time and providing a flexibility that allows
for personalized teaching and focus on the skills that are important for their classes.

• English for 21st century learners: StartUp helps students learn English as it is spoken and used
in the 21st century, such as in text messages, emails, and podcasts; in informal social texts and
conversations; and in formal texts and discussions for academic and business contexts. Students
acquire collaborative and critical thinking skills they need to succeed in study and at work.
• Personalized, flexible teaching: StartUp gives you the flexibility to teach the way you want. The
structure, the wealth of support materials and the practice app offer more options to flip the
class, to focus on different strands and skills, and to extend and differentiate instruction to meet
students’ individual needs.
• Motivating and relevant learning: The rich integrated digital content draws students in with
engaging video stories, coaching videos, video talks on compelling topics – such as innovation,
relationships, and art – and much more to build the language and skills they need.
• ActiveTeach allows teachers to present in class with ease and to access all the audio and video
where they need it.
• The new Pearson Practice English App with QR codes takes students from page to practice,
and audio and video for out-of-class practice.
• Rich digital media: video conversations, video talks, media projects, and presentation skills
integrated throughout for listening and speaking practice.
• Specific support from Grammar Coach and Pronunciation Coach videos.
• MyEnglishLab provides more intensive online practice.
• Comprehensive assessment program in ExamView and MyEnglishLab.

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