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Table of Contents

Easy True Stories Student Book with Essential Online Resources Level 1A, Silver Edition, 3/e

Sandra Heyer

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2019
Format: Paper Bound With Access Card, 112 pp.

ISBN-10: 0135177901
ISBN-13: 9780135177907

Status: In Stock
Published: 07/18/2018

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Table of Contents

UNIT 1 The Big TVs 
UNIT 2 The Man in the Blue Car 
UNIT 3 Mr. Venezuela 
UNIT 4 Hot Soup 
UNIT 5 Give Me the Money! 
UNIT 6 Looking for Love
UNIT 7 License, Please
UNIT 8 Election Day 
UNIT 9 The Best Doctor 
UNIT 10 Larry’s Favorite Shirt
UNIT 11 What a Boy! What a Toy! 
UNIT 12 The Flying Lesson
UNIT 13 Two Happy Men 
UNIT 14 Speed 
UNIT 15 The Kind Waitress 
UNIT 16 Grandfather Hada’s Favorite Soup 
UNIT 17 No More Housework! 
UNIT 18 The Bottle 
UNIT 19 Whose Money Is It?
UNIT 20 The Gold Ring

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