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Table of Contents

All American Stories, Book B

C. G. Draper

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2005
Format: Paper, 128 pp.

ISBN-10: 0131929887
ISBN-13: 9780131929883

Status: In Stock
Published: 12/22/2004

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All American Stories, by C. G. Draper, introduces students to the genre of the short story with classic tales by famous American authors. This three-level series features adaptations of classic stories, which progress in both conceptual and language difficulty within each level. In addition to building reading and vocabulary skills, students also learn to identify and appreciate literary techniques including metaphor, personification, irony, suspense, and mood.

Each Student Book contains:

  • An introductory unit that defines the elements of a short story and presents an accessible model.
  • Pre-reading activities to provide background information and activate prior knowledge.
  • Reading Strategies and Key Words to increase understanding and enjoyment.
  • Exercises and activities to build skills in comprehension, word analysis, writing, the elements of literature, and critical thinking.

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