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Real Talk 2: Authentic English in Context (Student Book and Classroom Audio CD)

Lida Baker
Judith Tanka

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2007
Format: Paper

ISBN-10: 0135037999
ISBN-13: 9780135037997

Status: In Stock
Published: 08/22/2008

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Real Talk 2, by Lida Baker and Judith Tanka, helps teachers transport high-intermediate to advanced students out of the language classroom and into the world of authentic English. Each of the book’s eight thematic chapters has four parts: In Person, On the Phone, On the Air, and In Class. With Real Talk 2, teachers can expose students to spontaneous face-to-face conversations, phone conversations and messages, radio broadcasts, and academic lectures.



  • Instruction and practice in language skills for everyday use and for academic situations.
  • Clear explanations and activities to teach natural use of intonation, stress, reductions, thought groups, and difficult-to-pronounce sounds
  • Structured and graduated note-taking activities that prepare students for university and college-level lectures
  • Recorded speakers with a variety of accents, both native and nonnative
  • End-of-chapter synthesizing activities that help students prepare for TOEFL® speaking tasks and academic speaking situations

All of these features guide students to communicate confidently and successfully in a wide variety of settings.


For intermediate to high-intermediate students, see Real Talk 1. 


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