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Take it Easy, 2/e

Pamela McPartland-Fairman

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 1998
Format: Paper, 208 pp.

ISBN-10: 0136608124
ISBN-13: 9780136608127

Status: In Stock
Published: 04/12/2000

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Take It Easy brings the most widely-used and practical idioms used in the English to life.

  • This new edition features over 170 high-frequency idioms as well as lots of new listening and speaking activities.
  • Take It Easy really helps ESL students understand idioms and then use them correctly.
  • Take It Easy presents idioms in a variety of authentic contexts so students can see how they are used in real life.
Key Benefit: Take It Easy has theme-based chapters, authentic contexts, and extensive communication practice making it easy for ESL students to gain fluency and confidence using American idioms and verbal phrases. Key Topics: All idioms are presented in their natural context from surveys and e-mail messages to greeting cards and movie reviews. Activities build student understanding and confidence so they can go from recognizing and understanding idioms to using them. Market: High-intermediate to advanced ESL.

Pamela McPartland-Fairman, Ph.D., was the lead Academic Consultant for the TV series, Connect with English, and a scriptwriter for Miscrosoft's Encarta Interactive English Learning. For 13 years, she directed the I.E.L.I. at Hunter College, CUNY. She has published 10 texts, including What's Up?, Stars and Stripes, and Focus on Health.

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