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Table of Contents
Student Resources

What I Believe 2: Listening and Speaking about What Really Matters

Mary Ward

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2008
Format: Paper, 152 pp.

ISBN-10: 0131591932
ISBN-13: 9780131591936

Status: In Stock
Published: 05/07/2008

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What I Believe 2: Listening and Speaking about What Really Matters, by Mary E. Ward, is based on the public radio series This I Believe. What I Believe 2 features the unique voices of individuals from all walks of life who share the personal philosophies and core values that guide their daily lives.  In addition to providing authentic listening practice, this book challenges students to explore, discuss, and write about the essays in the text.  It also engages and guides students in formulating, sharing, and discussing their own core values and beliefs.


What I Believe 2 is for high-intermediate students. For intermediate students, see What I Believe 1.



  • Getting Ready — introduces student to the speaker and activates their knowledge of the speaker’s topic 
  • Vocabulary for Comprehension and Glossary — support students’ listening comprehension
  • Critical Thinking — provides students opportunities to discuss central and related topics in a deep, meaningful way
  • Background Notes and Culture Notes — give students helpful background on essay content
  • Focused Speaking Task — includes instruction and practice with pronunciation and useful language as well as step-by-step speaking preparation
  • Writing Topics — allows students to put their ideas into written form

Audio CDs are available.


What I Believe is a two-level series.  See also:

  • What I Believe 1

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