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Student Audio CDs
Tuning In: Listening and Speaking in the Real World

Carol Numrich

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2005
Format: Paper, 176 pp.

ISBN-10: 0131919326
ISBN-13: 9780131919327

Status: In Stock
Published: 09/12/2005

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Tuning In offers intermediate students a unique opportunity to explore different listening genres from a variety of real-world sources. Authentic listening selections — including commercials, folk songs, oral histories, and call-in radio shows – provide a rich context for developing language skills.


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  • Engaging listening segments allow students to explore timeless themes such as love, volunteering, and childhood memories.
  • Pre-listening activities help focus students on the theme and vocabulary, while post-listening exercises provide practice with language functions, pronunciation, grammar, and critical thinking.
  • Listening for Inference activities encourage students to infer the speaker's meaning, listen for attitudes and feelings through the tone of voice, and interpret context. 
  • Unit wrap-up activities allow students to compare and contrast the three listening selections, analyze the linguistic components of each genre, and create a text of their own.

Sample Audio

From Unit 8: Cooking Tips, Genre: Interviews

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