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Anatomy and Physiology for English Language Learners

Judy M. Penn
Elizabeth Hanson

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2006
Format: Paper, 360 pp.

ISBN-10: 0131950800
ISBN-13: 9780131950801

Status: In Stock
Published: 03/21/2006

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Designed for English Language Learners who are entering the health-care field or preparing for college-level science courses, this new text provides an introduction to basic anatomy and physiology. Using clear language and simple analogies to illustrate concepts, Anatomy and Physiology for English Language Learners, by Judy Meier Penn and Elizabeth Hanson, features fully integrated language development, including functional practice in checking comprehension, giving definitions, and much more.


Focusing on a particular organ system, each chapter includes a high-interest opening vignette, extensive illustrations, level-appropriate readings, comprehension checks, vocabulary development and practice, and a section on high-frequency verbs used in scientific contexts. A comprehensive workbook-type review at the end of each chapter includes test items from actual anatomy and physiology texts.



  • A student-friendly tone and logical content organization with an abundance of diagrams and graphs
  • Readings on physiological processes, such as homeostasis, cellular metabolism, respiration, and digestion, accompanied by challenging activities that encourage criticial thinking
  • Information on common medical problems and disorders
  • Useful study skills and strategies to ensure student success
  • Cross-cultural activities that highlight cultural diversity and provide opportunities for students to offer their own insights
  • Achievement tests at the end of the book

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