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Table of Contents
Student Resources

ExpressWays 1, 2/e

Steven J. Molinsky
Bill Bliss

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 1996
Format: Paper, 192 pp.

ISBN-10: 0133852954
ISBN-13: 9780133852950

Status: In Stock
Published: 07/28/1995

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Table of Contents

Exit 1          Meeting and Greeting


                        I’d Like to Introduce…

                        What’s Your Last Name?

                        What’s Your Address?

                        Where Are You From?

                        Nice to Meet You

                        Meet These People


Exit 2          People and Places

                        I’d Like the Number of Mary Nielson

                        You Have the Wrong Number

                        Is Peter There?

                        Where Are You Going?

                        What Are You Doing?

                        I Can’t Talk Right Now. I’m Taking a Shower

                        Steve’s Friends Can’t Talk Right Now


Exit 3          Getting Around Town

                        Is There a Post Office Nearby?

                        Does This Bus Go to Westville?

                        Is This Bus Number 42?

                        Can You Tell Me How to

                        Get to the Bus Station?

                        Can You Please Tell Me How to

                        Get to the Museum?

                        Can You Tell Me How to Get to Franklin’s Department Store?

                        Excuse Me. I’m Lost!

                        Nancy’s Neighborhood


Exit 4          Housing and Food

                        We’re Looking for a Two-Bedroom Apartment Downtown

                        Is There a Refrigerator in the Kitchen?

                        How Much Is the Rent?

                        Where Do You Want This Sofa?

                        There Aren’t Any More Cookies

                        There Isn’t Any More Milk

                        Excuse Me. Where Are the Carrots?

                        Mmm! This Cake Is Delicious!

                        Jim’s New Apartment


Exit 5          At Work

                        What Do You Do?

                        What Do They Do?

                        Can You…?

                        What Do They Look Like?

                        How Am I Doing?

                        What Day Is It?

                        Keeping in Touch

                        My Best Friend

                        What Kind of TB Shows Do You Like?


Exit 6          Health and Emergencies

                        I Have a Headache

                        What Do You Recommend?

                        Do You Want to Make an Appointment?

                        Do You Smoke?

                        Touch Your Toes

                        You Should Go on a Diet

                        Take One Tablet Three Times a Day

                        I Want to Report an Emergency!

                        Call 911


Exit 7          Shopping

                        I’m Looking for a Shirt

                        May I Help You?

                        It’s Too Short

                        Excuse Me. Where Are the Rest Rooms?

                        I’d Like to Buy This Watch

                        Shopping in Department Stores

                        I Want to Return This Fan

                        I Want to Buy Some Stamps, Please

                        I’d Like to Mail This Package


Exit 8          What Are You Going to Do This Weekend?

                        What Do You Want to Do Today?

                        I’m Afraid I Can’t. I Have to Work Late.

                        What Did You Do?

                        Let’s Do Something Outdoors Today

                        What Movie Did You See?

                        Howie Just Wanted to Have Fun!

                        What Do You Like to Do?




Grammar Constructions

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Ordinal Numbers

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