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Table of Contents

React Interact, 3/e

Donald R.H. Byrd
Isis C. Clemente

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2001
Format: Paper, 160 pp.

ISBN-10: 0130220574
ISBN-13: 9780130220578

Status: In Stock
Published: 05/08/2001

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Table of Contents

Section 1: EMOTIONS


Unit 1: Feelings

Pronunciation —ed and —ing Adjectives

Opinion Survey: Feelings

Reading Reaction: An Embarrassing Situation

Written Reaction


Unit 2: Picture Gallery

            Pronunciation: Superlatives

            Reading Reaction: Wrap It Up

            Opinion Survey: The Role of Art

            Written Reaction


Unit 3: Love Is Blind

            Pronunciation: a, of, and to

            Opinion survey: Marriage

            Reading Reaction: Marriage Customs

            Written Reaction



Section 2: FANTASY


Unit 4: Desert Dilemma

Reading Reaction: Dangerous Sports

            Opinion Survey: Dangerous Sports

            Pronunciation: Syllables and Stress

            Written Reaction


Unit 5: The Murder of the Earl of Hereford

            Reading Reaction: What She Did for Love

            Opinion Survey: The Upper Class

            Pronunciation: Stress in Noun Phrases

            Written Reaction


Unit 6: The Jewels Are Missing!

            Reading Reaction: Grandma’s Safe

            Opinion Survey: What Do You Value?

            Pronunciation: Even More on Stress

            Written Reaction



Section 3: WORK


Unit 7: Slow Business

            Reading Reaction: Workers of the World

            Pronunciation: Will

            Opinion Survey: A Day’s Work

            Written Reaction


Unit 8: Making a Living

            Opinion Survey: Job Expectations

            Reading Reaction: What Is Sexism?

            Pronunciation: Do you

            Written Reaction


Unit 9: Hot Lines!

            Opinion Survey: Workers and Management

            Reading Reaction: A Working Woman

            Pronunciation: Personal Pronouns

            Written Reaction





Unit 10: Progress?

            Pronunciation: Have to and has to

            Opinion survey: Progress?

            Reading Reaction: Is This Progress?

            Written Reaction


Unit 11: Illegal Alien

            Reading Reaction: Incident at Midnight

            Opinion survey: UFOs and Aliens

            Pronunciation: Acronyms

            Written Reaction


Unit 12: Energy Crisis

            Opinion Survey: Energy and the Environment

            Reading Reaction: Energy for the Future

            Pronunciation: Stress in Superlatives

            Written Reaction





Unit 13: Those Golden Years

            Opinion survey: Aging and Retirement

            Reading Reaction: The Best Is Yet to Be

            Pronunciation: Stress and Intonation in Adjective Phrases

            Written Reaction


Unit 14: A Home for Little Sarah

            Reading Reaction: Interracial Adoption

            Opinion Survey: Adoption

            Pronunciation: Contractions with would

            Written Reaction


Unit 15: Life

            Reading Reaction: Dr. Death

            Opinion Survey: Life Support

            Pronunciation: Contractions with should

            Written Reaction





Unit 16: After-School Job

            Reading Reaction: My First Job

            Opinion Survey: Education and Teenagers

            Pronunciation: Did you and want you

            Written Reaction


Unit 17: Higher Education

            Opinion Survey: Higher Education

            Reading Reaction: “Dear Mama” letter

            Pronunciation: Intonation in if Clauses

            Written Reaction


Unit 18: Peer Pressure

            Reading Reaction: Wake Up America!

            Opinion Survey: Gun Control

            Pronunciation: Past Tense —ed

            Written Reaction





Unit 19: The Breadwinner

            Reading Reaction: The Breadwinner in the Typical American Family

            Opinion Survey: Marriage Responsibilities

            Pronunciation: Possessive’s

            Written Reaction


Unit 20: On My Own

            Reading Reaction: What’s Wrong with Young People Today?

            Pronunciation: Going to

            Opinion Survey: Young People Today

            Written Reaction

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