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Table of Contents
Student Resources

Perfect Partner! Longman Dictionary of American English
English Pronunciation Made Simple (with 2 Audio CDs), 2/e

Paulette Dale
Lillian Poms

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2004
Format: Paper, 320 pp.

ISBN-10: 0131115960
ISBN-13: 9780131115965

Status: In Stock
Published: 07/14/2004

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Table of Contents

English Pronunciation Made Simple

Paulette Dale & Lillian Poms


About the Authors


To the Student


Part I: Vowels


            Lesson 1          Pronouncing the Vowels of American English


            Lesson 2          [i] as in me, team and bee and [I] as in it and pin


            Lesson 3          [e I ] as in ate, game, and they


            Lesson 4          [µ] as in egg, pet, and head


            Lesson 5          [æ] as in at, fat, and happy


            Lesson 6          [a] as in arm, hot, and father


            Lesson 7          Contrast and Review of [e I ], [µ], [æ], and [a]


            Lesson 8          [u] as in you, too, and rule and [ U ] as in cook and put


            Lesson 9          [ � ] as in up, but, and come


            Lesson 10        [ OU ] as in oh, no, and boat


            Lesson 11        [ ? ] as in all, caught, and boss


            Lesson 12        Contrast and Review of [ � ], [ OU ], ?] ], and [a]


            Lesson 13        [Y] as in a, upon, and soda


            Lesson 14        [ ] as in turn, first, and serve and [ ] as in father and actor


            Lesson 15        [a U ] as in out, house, and cow


            Lesson 16        [a I ] as in I, my, and pie


            Lesson 17        [ ? I ] as in oil, noise, and boy


Part 2: Stress, Rhythm, and Intonation


            Lesson 18        Introducing Stress, Rhythm, and Intonation


            Lesson 19        Stress Within the Word


            Lesson 20        Stress Within the Sentence


            Lesson 21        Rhythm


            Lesson 22        Intonation


Part 3: Consonants


            Lesson 23        Pronouncing the Consonants of American English


            Lesson 24        [s] as in sit, basket, and kiss and [z] as in zoo, busy, and buzz


            Lesson 25        [t] as in top, return, and cat


            Lesson 26        [d] as in day, ladder, and bed


            Lesson 27        [¸] as in think, bathtub, and mouth


            Lesson 28        [ð] as in the, father, and smooth


            Lesson 29        Contrast and Review of [s], [z], [t], [d], [¸], and [ð]


            Lesson 30        [ + ] as in shoe, nation, and wish

and [t + ] as in chair, teacher, and witch


            Lesson 31        Contrast and Review of [s], [ + ], [t], and [t + ]


            Lesson 32        [ 7 ] as in measure, vision, and rouge


            Lesson 33        [d 7 ] as in jam, magic, and age and [j] as in you and yes


            Lesson 34        Contrast and Review of [t + ], [d 7 ], and [j]


            Lesson 35        Additional Contrasts


            Lesson 36        [p] as in pay, apple, and stop


            Lesson 37        [b] as in boy, rabbit, and tub


            Lesson 38        [f] as in fun, office, and if


            Lesson 39        [v] as in very, over, and save


            Lesson 40        [h] as in hat and behind


            Lesson 41        [w] as in we and away


            Lesson 42        [l] as in lamp, yellow, and pool


            Lesson 43        [r] as in red, marry, and far


            Lesson 44        Contrast and Review of [l] and [r]


            Lesson 45        [k] as in cake, car, and book


            Lesson 46        [g] as in go, begin, and egg


            Lesson 47        [m] as in me and swim


            Lesson 48        [n] as in no and run


            Lesson 49        [K] as in sing


            Lesson 50        Contrast and Review of [m], [n], and [K]


            Lesson 51        Pronouncing Final Consonant Sounds


            Lesson 52        Pronouncing Consonant Clusters


            Lesson 53        Pronouncing Past Tense Verbs


Lesson 54        Pronouncing Plurals, Third-Person Verbs, Possessives, and Contractions




            Appendix I       To the Teacher


                                                Breaking the Ice


                                                Hearing the Sounds


                                                Accent Analysis


                                                Accent Analysis Sentences: Vowels


                                                Accent Analysis Sentences: Consonants


                                                Using the Manual for Classroom Instructions


                                                Additional Communicative Practice Activities


                                                Additional Auditory Discrimination Practice Activities



            Appendix II     Check Yourself Answer Key

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