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Table of Contents
Student Resources

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Perfect Partner! Longman Advanced American Dictionary
Real Talk 2: Authentic English in Context

Lida Baker
Judith Tanka

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2007
Format: Paper, 288 pp.

ISBN-10: 0131940961
ISBN-13: 9780131940963

Status: In Stock
Published: 03/21/2007

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Turning Points

            Part One:        In Person   Educational turning points

            Part Two:        On the Phone   Moving to a new city for work

            Part Three:     On the Air   Moving back home with parents

            Part Four:       In Class   The stages of culture shock


Chapter 2: Learning a New Language

            Part One:        In Person   Two kinds of language learners

            Part Two:        On the Phone   Call to an English-language school

            Part Three:     On the Air   Is the adverb dying?

            Part Four:       In Class   How English forms new words


Chapter 3: In the Money

            Part One:        In Person   Tips for managing your money

            Part Two:        On the Phone   Getting information about bank accounts

            Part Three:     On the Air   Lending money to relatives

            Part Four:       In Class   Credit card debt among young adults


Chapter 4: Memories

            Part One:        In Person   Sense memories

            Part Two:        On the Phone   Argument about forgetting

            Part Three:     On the Air   Strategies for remembering information

            Part Four:       In Class   Mnemonics


Chapter 5: Body Trends

            Part One:        In Person   Getting a tattoo

            Part Two:        On the Phone   Phone survey about beauty

            Part Three:     On the Air   Having plastic surgery to look younger

            Part Four:       In Class   Body image disorders in men


Chapter 6: Discoveries

            Part One:        In Person   Exploring the planet Mars

            Part Two:        On the Phone   Call from an unknown relative

            Part Three:     On the Air   Finding a lost object

            Part Four:       In Class   Did Columbus really discover America?


Chapter 7: Law and Order

            Part One:        In Person   Serving on a jury

            Part Two:        On the Phone   Reporting a crime to the police

            Part Three:     On the Air   Law to prevent panhandling

            Part Four:       In Class   Theories to explain criminal behavior


Chapter 8: Lights, Camera, Action!

            Part One:        In Person   Interview with a film producer

            Part Two:        On the Phone   Recorded movie theater announcement

            Part Three:     On the Air   A film review

            Part Four:       In Class   How movie sound is created


Appendix 1     Master Vocabulary List

Appendix 2     Common Abbreviations and Symbols Used in Note-Taking

Appendix 3      Summary of Street Guidelines

Appendix 4     Sample Outlines for In-Class Lectures



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