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Table of Contents
Student Resources

Center Stage 1 Student Book

Irene Frankel

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2007
Format: Paper, 256 pp.

ISBN-10: 0131708813
ISBN-13: 9780131708815

Status: In Stock
Published: 03/06/2007

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Center Stage 1: Express Yourself in English, by Irene Frankel (Series Consultants: MaryAnn Florez and Sharon Seymour), gives your students the communicative skills to start using English effectively in their daily lives. Center Stage 1 is an integrated four-skills course that supports student learning and achievement. Practical language and timely topics motivate beginning students to master grammar along with speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.


Student Book Features

  • Grammar to Communicate presents key grammar points with concise charts and abundant practice in real-life situations.
  • Communicative Activities, such as Time to Talk, promote opportunities for meaningful expression and active learning.
  • Extensive listening practice, in addition to reading and writing activities, help students to succeed in their daily lives.
  • Review lessons help teachers to assess students' progress and meet the needs of multi-level classrooms.
  • Easy-to-follow two-page lessons motivate students to achieve their goals.

Teacher's Edition Features

  • Learner persistence tips, including learning goals, offer concrete strategies for promoting learner persistence.
  • Multi-level strategies offer suggestions for tailoring activities to the needs of students at different levels of proficiency.
  • Unit tests help teachers assess student progress.
  • Teacher Resource Disk provides supplementary grammar and vocabulary practice as well as learner persistence worksheets.

Life Skills and Test Prep 1, the companion book to Center Stage 1, provides instruction in CASAS-correlated life skills, test-taking strategies, and practice in taking standardized listening and reading tests.



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