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Table of Contents

Academic Success for English Language Learners: Strategies for K-12 Mainstream Teachers

Patricia A. Richard-Amato
Marguerite Ann Snow

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2005
Format: Paper, 560 pp.

ISBN-10: 0131899104
ISBN-13: 9780131899100

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Published: 07/08/2004

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Academic Success for English Language Learners: Strategies for K-12 Mainstream Teachers, edited by Patricia Richard-Amato and Marguerite Ann Snow, is dedicated to helping teachers meet the sociocultural, cognitive, and academic language needs of today's English Language Learners (ELLs). Designed for mainstream teachers, this anthology demonstrates how students can leverage their backgorund knowledge and skills to function successfully in content-area classes.

Balancing conceptual foundations with practical strategies, the book's four-part format includes chapters written by some of the field's most respected researchers and teachers. It offers a solid reeprtoire of techniques for creating a positibve instructional environment.

  • Part I: Theoretical Considerations -- Pesents a variety of ideas to stimulate thinking and help teachers develop their own theories of practice.
  • Part II: Sociocultural Issues and Implications -- Focus on sociocultural concerns and their implications in the classroom.
  • Part III: The Classroom: Instruction and Assessment Practices -- Presents a wide range of pedagogical and classroom management strategies.
  • Part IV: Readings In Specific Content Area -- Relates many of the preceding strategies and issues to specific content areas across grade levels, including math, literature, social studies, science, physical education, music, and art.

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