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Table of Contents

Writing Power 3

Sue Peterson
Dorothy Zemach

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2013
Format: Paper, 288 pp.

ISBN-10: 013231486X
ISBN-13: 9780132314862

Status: In Stock
Published: 07/17/2012

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The Writing Power series is unlike most other writing textbooks. Rather than focusing on one are of writing, such as fluency, language use, academic writing, or social writing the series includes all of them to give students practicl skills for writing in many different situations. It is also contains four separate parts that concentrate on four important aspects of writing proficiency. The structure is flexible, allowing the teacher to assign work from different sections concurrently to target students' greatest needs. To support and supplement in-class practice there is a Writing Power blog. Teachers can log on to set up a private class blog, where students can post writing assignments and communicate with classmates in a fun online environment.

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