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Table of Contents

Vocabulary Power 3: Practicing Essential Words


Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2007
Format: Paper, 320 pp.

ISBN-10: 0132431785
ISBN-13: 9780132431781

Status: In Stock
Published: 08/02/2007

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Acquiring a strong vocabulary doesn't have to be difficult. Vocabulary Power uses the latest research on memory to make this process simple, effective, and enjoyable.


A three-book series, Vocabulary Power:

  • teaches the most important words from the General Service List (500 words) and Academic Word List (400 words)
  • presents each word in eight different contexts to help students learn and remember the word easily
  • encourages students to apply the words to their own lives, making vocabulary more relevant and useful
  • can be used in class or as a self-study text

Each Vocabulary Power book features:

  • 300 new words -- 10 per chapter
  • high-interest readings adapted from articles on a variety of up-to-date topics
  • exercises on word families, multiple meanings, collocations, and expressions that expand students' knowledge of the words
  • engaging discussion questions and writing topics that elicit natural use of the words
  • quizzes to check students' progress and minimize teacher prep time
  • Word Builder exercises and charts in the Appendix to help students focus on the meaning and use of word parts

The Vocabulary Power series includes Vocabulary Power 1 (Low Intermediate), Vocabulary Power 2 (Intermediate), and Vocabulary Power 3 (Advanced).

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