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Top Notch 3, 3/e

Joan Saslow
Allen Ascher

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2015
Format: Paper, 168 pp.

ISBN-10: 0133928217
ISBN-13: 9780133928211

Status: In Stock
Published: 01/12/2015

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Renowned for its unique speaking pedagogy, Top Notch is a dynamic communicative course that makes English unforgettable. Goals and achievement-based lessons with "can-do" statements enable students to confirm their progress in every class session.

Top Notch builds confidence for successful verbal communication and develops critical thinking skills and reading and listening strategies.


  • New Conversation Activator and Pronunciation Coach Videos in every unit build conversational competence and accurate pronunciation.
  • New: Full-color digital vocabulary flashcards for varied, enriched, and explicit practice.
  • New: Interactive extra grammar exercises to maximize the quantity of grammar practice in every unit.
  • New: Achievement tests include Speaking and Writing tests for every unit, ensuring a fuller evaluation of progress.

Other Highlights

  • Hundreds of supplementary practice activities and exercises ensure teachers never have to supplement the course.
  • Extensive listening comprehension practice. Includes exposure to a variety of authentic regional and non-native accents to prepare students for English in today's world.
  • The Top Notch TV Video program — with hilarious sitcoms and authentic on-the-street interviews — builds confidence in understanding natural spoken language.
  • Top Notch Pop songs and karaoke — with accompanying language exercises — make English unforgettable.
  • The expanded MyEnglishLab — with Grammar Coach and Pronunciation Coach Videos, remedial grammar exercises, and immediate feedback on wrong answers — enables programs to tailor Top Notch to the needs of their course.

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