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Pearson English Interactive Level 3 Access Code Card, 2/e

Michael Rost

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2019
Format: Access Code Card

ISBN-10: 0135634881
ISBN-13: 9780135634882

Status: In Stock
Published: 10/28/2019

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Pearson English Interactive is a four-level online course for busy adults to improve all skills and
become better communicators in conversational American English. Designed by professional
linguists, this engaging, comprehensive video-based story-driven course includes friendly
instructional support and thorough assessment, and meets the diverse needs of adult learners
to raise their level of English, achieve their goals and gain confidence in business, work, teaching,
travel, or anywhere English is spoken.

Pearson English Interactive can be used on its own or in conjunction with a classroom course
to provide students additional instructional hours, offering focused remediation in listening
(top-down and bottom-up skills), speaking (role plays, using the video scenarios), pronunciation
(using repetition of targeted expressions), and grammar (explaining all the key grammar points
in the video lessons and giving extensive structured practice).

• Updated videos have new scripts, scenes, cast, and look.
• Integrated closed captioning at point of use.
• Includes New CASAS Listening and Reading practice tests.
• Personalizes instruction to each student’s needs – sends additional materials directly to
students from within the system.
• Saves time and reduces paperwork with automatic grading and tracking how students are
improving at a glance.
• Students’ digital recordings and written work can be checked online, allowing more time for
classroom interaction.
• Integrated online placement test places students at the right level.
• Allows for flexible management of teachers’ contact hours.
Great for Independent Students
• Students can practice anytime, anywhere.
• Automatic grading gives students their results immediately.
• Online practice provides interaction outside of the classroom in common situations in English.
• Mapped to the Global Scale of English.

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