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Leap 2 Intermediate R/W Read./Writ.+my Elab


Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2015

ISBN-10: 2761355628
ISBN-13: 9782761355629

Status: In Stock
Published: 02/25/2015

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LEAP: Reading and Writing is now a three-level task-based series for students preparing for college or university studies in English. It encourages students to apply critical thinking skills as they engage in academic reading and writing tasks across a range of disciplines. Featuring a variety of challenging readings, a strong focus on vocabulary acquisition, and detailed guidance through the writing process, LEAP: Reading and Writing offers students the skills they need to be successful in the academic world.


  • Authentic reading texts from a variety of sources help students to improve their reading skills.
  • Focus on reading, writing, and academic survival skills to develop specific competencies, which students apply to the assignments.
  • Final assignments synthesize the chapter contents to offer in-depth writing tasks.
  • Critical Connections section requires students to apply skills learned in previous chapters and to develop critical thinking skills.
  • Access to MySearchLab provides students with research and writing tools.
  • Access to My eLab allows students to learn beyond the classroom. Access is free with the purchase of a new book.

    My eLab gives students extra practice opportunities with self-graded activities and tests that teachers can customize. A gradebook shows student's progress.
  • Vocabulary review exercises.
  • Additional comprehension exercises based on texts from the Student Book.
  • New content related to themes in the Student Book (reading texts, comprehension, and vocabulary questions).

    My eLab Documents include:
  • Vocabulary lists by chapter and master Academic Word List.
  • A referencing guide.
  • Teacher's Guide with answer keys and notes, alternative final assignments, and tests

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