Table of Contents

Real Reading 2: Creating an Authentic Reading Experience (mp3 files included)

David Wiese

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2011
Format: Paper Bound With Disk, 256 pp.

ISBN-10: 0138146276
ISBN-13: 9780138146276

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Published: 07/20/2010

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Table of Contents


The Real Reading Unit


Scope and Sequence


Unit 1  The Truth About Shyness

            Chapter 1         Why Are We Shy?

            Chapter 2         It’s All an Act


Unit 2  The Good Guys in Sports

            Chapter 3         A Tall Order

            Chapter 4         Hull City Tigers Discussion Board


Unit 3  It’s Not Easy Being Green

            Chapter 5         A Cleaner Way to Shop?

            Chapter 6         Green Airplanes


            Fluency Practice 1


Unit 4  Strange Travels

            Chapter 7         The World’s Strangest Hotels

            Chapter 8         Small Town, Strange Festival


Unit 5  The Food We Love

            Chapter 9         What Is American Food?

            Chapter 10       Why Chilies Are Hot


Unit 6  Music

            Chapter 11       All About Music

            Chapter 12       Can’t Name That Tune?


            Fluency Practice 2


Unit 7  The Movie Business

            Chapter 13       Famous Flops

            Chapter 14       Sleeper Hits


Unit 8  All In the Family

            Chapter 15       Rebel with a Cause

            Chapter 16       About The Nurture Assumption


Unit 9  Haiku

            Chapter 17       The Haiku Master

            Chapter 18       So You Want to Write Haiku?


            Fluency Practice 3


Unit 10  Big Buildings

            Chapter 19       Race for the Sky

            Chapter 20       Anybody Want to Buy a Stadium?


Unit 11  Body Language

            Chapter 21       Pheromone Perfume

            Chapter 22       The Language of Pheromones


Unit 12  High Seas, High Tech

            Chapter 23       The Chronometer

            Chapter 24       The Treasure of the SS Central America


            Fluency Practice 4



Unit 3 Quiz: How Green Are You?

New Words

Vocabulary Practice 1-12

Fluency Progress Charts

Fluency Practice Answer Key

Pronunciation Table

Vocabulary Index

MP3 Audio Tracking Guide