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All About the USA 2: A Cultural Reader, 2/e

Milada Broukal

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2008
Format: Book W/Audio, 144 pp.

ISBN-10: 0132406284
ISBN-13: 9780132406284

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Published: 10/02/2007

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Table of Contents

Unit 1           The Fifty States

Unit 2           The Buffalo

Unit 3           Texas

Unit 4           The Story of Colonel Sanders

Unit 5           The President of the United States

Unit 6           Martin Luther King Jr.

Unit 7           Basketball

Unit 8           Abraham Lincoln

Unit 9           Washington, D.C.

Unit 10         Halloween

Unit 11         Native Americans

Unit 12         A First Look at New England

Unit 13         Thomas Jefferson

Unit 14         Beverly Hills

Unit 15         Theodore Roosevelt

Unit 16         Niagara Falls

Unit 17         Harriet Tubman

Unit 18         The Boston Tea Party

Unit 19         July Fourth

Unit 20         Helen Keller

Unit 21         New York City

Unit 22         The Story of Ben and Jerry’s

Unit 23         Thomas Alva Edison

Unit 24         The Pentagon

Unit 25         Arnold Schwarzenegger

Unit 26         Hawaii

Unit 27         Yellowstone National Park

Unit 28         The Stars and Stripes


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