Table of Contents

Voices of Freedom: English and Civics for U.S. Citizenship (with Audio CDs), 4/e

Bill Bliss

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2010
Format: Paper Bound With Disk, 256 pp.

ISBN-10: 0132366282
ISBN-13: 9780132366281

Status: In Stock
Published: 07/08/2009

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Table of Contents


Unit A  

            Personal Information

            Identification Cards




Unit B  

            Personal Information

            Months of the Year



Unit 1   

            Maps & Geography

            States & Capitals

            Famous U.S. Landmarks

            U.S. Territories


Unit 2   

            The Flag


Unit 3   

            Branches of Government


Unit 4   

            The Senate

            The House of Representatives

            The President

            The President’s Cabinet

            The Supreme Court


Unit 5   

            Types of Government & Economy

            The Rule of Law

            Federal & State Government

            Public Officials

            The Constitution

            The Bill of Rights


Unit 6   

            Native Americans

            Christopher Columbus




Unit 7   

            The Revolutionary War

            The Declaration of Independence


Unit 8   

            The Constitution

            The 13 Original States

            The Federalist Papers

            Benjamin Franklin

            Branches of Government

            The Bill of Rights

            George Washington


Unit 9  

            The War of 1812 

            The National Anthem


            War in the 1800s

            The Civil War

            Abraham Lincoln



Unit 10 

            Industrial Revolution

            Labor Movement


            20th-Century History

            Civil Rights Movement

            September 11, 2001


Unit 11 

            National Holidays

            U.S. Presidents


Unit 12 

            Citizens’ Rights

            Citizens' Responsibilities

            Participating in Our Democracy

            The Oath of Allegiance



On the Day of Your USCIS Interview

The English Test (Speaking)

The Reading Test

The Writing Test

100 Civics Questions (English/Spanish)

Scripts for Listening Exercises

Dictation Sentences for Unit Tests


Correlation Key