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Even More True Stories, 3/e

Sandra Heyer

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2007
Format: Paper, 160 pp.

ISBN-10: 0131751735
ISBN-13: 9780131751736

Status: In Stock
Published: 12/05/2006

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Would you believe ... ?


  • A pilot gets sucked out of his plane and survives, as does everyone else on board.


  • A young American woman goes to Paris to find herself and finds her long-lost family instead.


  • A misunderstood word on a bus causes a 15-mile-long traffic jam.


Even More True Stories, Third Edition, by Sandra Heyer, continues the True Stories tradition with sixteen new or updated human-interest stories adapted from news sources around the world. The universal appeal of these real believe-it-or-not tales ensures a motivating reading experience for intermediate-level students of English. It's a book they won't want to put down.



  • Maximum story length is 1 ¼ pages.
  • Revised exercises for vocabulary development, reading comprehension, discussion, and writing help students develop language proficiency.
  • New or updated Challenge pages with authentic reading selections motivate students to read on their own.
  • A new To the Teacher section provides background information and teaching tips to help teachers make the reading class more interactive.


The True Stories series includes:


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More True Stories Behind the Songs

Very Easy True Stories

All New Very Easy True Stories

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All New Easy True Stories

True Stories in the News, Third Edition

More True Stories, Third Edition

Even More True Stories, Third Edition

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