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More True Stories: A High-Beginning Reader, 3/e

Sandra Heyer
Sandra Heyer

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2009
Format: Book W/Audio, 112 pp.

ISBN-10: 0138143420
ISBN-13: 9780138143428

Status: In Stock
Published: 03/04/2009

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Table of Contents


Unit 1       Puppy Love


Unit 2       Surprise! It’s Your Wedding


Unit 3       Bad News, Good News


Unit 4       The Twins of Siam


Unit 5       The Baby Exchange


Unit 6       The Ghost


Unit 7       Why Can’t They Quit?


Unit 8       Everybody’s Baby


Unit 9       Pay It Forward


Unit 10     Please Pass the Bird Brains


Unit 11     Margaret Patrick…Meet Ruth Eisenberg


Unit 12     Finders Keepers?


Unit 13     The Husband


Unit 14     The Auction


Unit 15     Money to Burn


Unit 16     The School and the Stamp


Unit 17     A Long Fishing Trip


Unit 18     The Surgeon


Unit 19     Customer Service?


Unit 20     The Mermaid Balloon


Unit 21     The Two Lives of Mary Sutton


Unit 22     Two Strangers


                To the Teacher

                 Answer Key