Table of Contents

From Reading to Writing 1

Lynn Bonesteel

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2010
Format: Paper, 192 pp.

ISBN-10: 0132474026
ISBN-13: 9780132474023

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Published: 01/06/2010

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Table of Contents

Unit One    Around the World


Chapter 1    Cultural Roles

Chapter 2    The Land of Smiles



Unit Two    A Special Animal


Chapter 3    Four Animals or One?

Chapter 4    The Beautiful Stranger



Unit Three    The Art and Science of Food


Chapter 5    Science in the Kitchen

Chapter 6    The Art of Food



Unit Four    Memory


Chapter 7    Memory Methods

Chapter 8    Smell, Memory, and Sales



Unit Five    Housing


Chapter 9    Cohousing

Chapter 10    The Micro-Compact Home



Unit Six    The Art of Medicine


Chapter 11    One Doctor, One Patient, Two Different Worlds

Chapter 12    An Artist and a Doctor



Unit Seven    The Working World


Chapter 13    Doing Business in the United Kingdom

Chapter 14    E-Mail: Terrific Tool or Time-Waster?



Unit Eight    What's Next?


Chapter 15    Is 50 the New 30, and 70 the New 50?

Chapter 16    Millennials in the Workforce



Grammar Reference

Punctuation and Capitalization

Editing Symbols

Target Vocabulary