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Value Pack: Listening Power 1 Student Book with Classroom Audio CD

Bruce Rogers
Dorothy Zemach

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2011
Format: Kit/Package/Shrinkwrap

ISBN-10: 0132626497
ISBN-13: 9780132626491

Status: In Stock
Published: 01/14/2011

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This Value Pack consists of the Listening Power 1 Student Book and the Listening Power 1 Classroom Audio CD.  


Listening Power is a new three-book series with a targeted approach to teaching the listening skills that students need inside and outside the classroom and on standardized tests such as the TOEFL and TOEIC.


Listening Power 1 features three distinct parts designed to be used concurrently.

  • Language Focus teaches essential and sometimes difficult to understand language structures such as Wh- questions, Yes/No and alternative questions, contractions, numbers and letters, and time expressions.
  • Comprehension Focus presents skills for understanding the topic, listening for the main ideas and details, and making inferences. Activities to help students apply the skills follow the presentation.
  • Listening for Pleasure uses interesting audio material from movies, TV, radio, and recorded storytelling to help students understand the more subtle meaning communicated through tone of voice, sentence stress, and reduced forms.

0132626497 / 9780132626491 Value Pack: Listening Power 1 Student Book with Classroom Audio CD

Package consists of

0132315416 / 9780132315418 Listening Power 1 Audio CD

0136114210 / 9780136114215 Listening Power 1