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Side by Side Plus 1 Book & eText with CD

Steven J. Molinsky
Bill Bliss

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2016
Format: Paper Bound W/Cd-Rom, 256 pp.

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ISBN-13: 9780133828740

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Table of Contents

("Plus" indicates NEW standards-based lessons in Side by Side Plus 1)


1. To Be: Introduction

            Personal Information

            Cardinal Numbers

            Meeting People


            Filling Out a Form

            Forms of Identification

            Addressing an Envelope

            Abbreviations in Addresses


2.   To Be + Location

      Subject Pronouns

            Classroom Objects

            Rooms in the Home

            Cities, Countries, and Nationalities

            Places Around Town


            Classroom Actions

            Giving and Following Instructions 


3. Present Continuous Tense

            Everyday Activities


            Calling Directory Assistance

            Calling 911

            Using a Telephone Directory


Side by Side Gazette


4. To Be: Short Answers

    Possessive Adjectives

            Everyday Activities


            Civics: Community Service


5. To Be:          

        Yes/No Answers

        Short Answers


    Possessive Pronouns

            Describing People and Things



           Reading a Weather Map

           Fahrenheit and Celsius Temperatures 


6. To Be: Review

    Present Continuous Tense: Review

    Prepositions of Location

            Describing Activities and Events

            Family Members


            Reading a Family Tree Diagram

            Introducing People


Side by Side Gazette


7. Prepositions

    There Is/There Are

    Singular/Plural: Introduction

            Places Around Town

            Locating Places in the Community

            Describing Neighborhoods

            Describing Apartments


            Reading a Simple Map

            Apartment Ads


8. Singular/Plural





            Shopping for Clothing



            Price Tags

            Clothing Sizes

            Clothing Ads

            Store Receipts


Side by Side Gazette


9. Simple Present Tense

            Languages and Nationalities

            Everyday Activities


            Civics: Staying Informed


10. Simple Present Tense:

    Yes/No Questions


    Short Answers

            Days of the Week

            Habitual Actions

            People’s Interests and Activities


            Work Schedules

            Bus Destination Signs


Side by Side Gazette


11. Object Pronouns

      Simple Present Tense: -s vs. non -s Endings


      Adverbs of Frequency


            Describing Frequency of Actions

            Describing People


            Family Responsibilities


12. Contrast: Simple Present and Present Continuous Tenses


            Feelings and Emotions

            Describing Usual and Unusual Activities


            The Education System

            School Personnel and Locations


Side by Side Gazette


13. Can

      Have To


            Expressing Ability

            Looking for a Job


            Help Wanted Signs and Want Ads

            Job Interview

            Filling Out a Job Application

            Asking Permission at Work

            Safety Signs


14. Future: Going to

      Time Expressions

      Want to

            Describing Future Plans and Intentions

            Weather Forecasts

            Telling Time

            Months of the Year


            Ordinal Numbers



            Job Application Forms 


Side by Side Gazette


15. Past Tense:

            Regular Verbs

            Introduction to Irregular Verbs

            Past Actions and Activities

            Describing an Event


            Making a Doctor’s Appointment


            A Medical Exam

            Medical Appointment Cards

            Medicine Labels

            Staying Healthy


16. Past Tense:

        Yes/No Questions

        Short Answers


        More Irregular Verbs

     Time Expressions

            Reporting Past Actions and Activities

            Giving Reasons

            Giving Excuses


            Job Applications


17. To Be: Past Tense

            Television Commercials

            Describing Physical States and Emotions

            Biographies and Autobiographies


            Basic Foods and Food Groups

            Making a Shopping List

            Ordering a Meal

            Reading a Simple Menu

            Supermarket Ads

            Food Labels


Side by Side Gazette



     Listening Scripts

     Vocabulary List

     Skill Index

     Topic Index

     Grammar Index

     Irregular Verbs: Past Tense

     Map of the United States