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Focus on Grammar 4 with MyEnglishLab, 5/e

Marjorie Fuchs

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2017
Format: Paper Bound With Access Card, 528 pp.

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ISBN-13: 9780134119991

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Table of Contents

Welcome to Focus on Grammar
The Focus on Grammar Unit
Scope and Sequence
About the Authors

PART 1 Present and Past: Review and Expansion
UNIT 1 Simple Present and Present Progressive
UNIT 2 Simple Past and Past Progressive
UNIT 3 Simple Past, Present Perfect, and Present Perfect Progressive
UNIT 4 Past Perfect and Past Perfect Progressive

PART 2 Future: Review and Expansion
UNIT 5 Future and Future Progressive
UNIT 6 Future Perfect and Future Perfect Progressive

PART 3 Negative and Tag Questions, Additions and Responses
UNIT 7 Negative Yes/No Questions and Tag Questions
UNIT 8 Additions and Responses: So, Too, Neither, Not either, and But

PART 4 Gerunds, Infinitives, and Phrasal Verbs
UNIT 9 Gerunds and Infinitives: Review and Expansion
UNIT 10 Make, Have, Let, Help, and Get
UNIT 11 Phrasal Verbs: Review and Expansion

PART 5 Adjective Clauses
UNIT 12 Adjective Clauses with Subject Relative Pronouns
UNIT 13 Adjective Clauses with Object Relative Pronouns

PART 6 Modals: Review and Expansion
UNIT 14 Modals and Similar Expressions: Review
UNIT 15 Advisability in the Past
UNIT 16 Speculations About the Past

PART 7 The Passive
UNIT 17 The Passive: Overview
UNIT 18 The Passive with Modals and Similar Expressions
UNIT 19 The Passive Causative

PART 8 Conditional Sentences
UNIT 20 Present Real Conditional Sentences
UNIT 21 Future Real Conditional Sentences
UNIT 22 Present and Future Unreal Conditional Sentences
UNIT 23 Past Unreal Conditional Sentences

PART 9 Indirect Speech and Embedded Questions
UNIT 24 Direct and Indirect Speech
UNIT 25 Tense Changes in Indirect Speech
UNIT 26 Indirect Instructions, Commands, Advice, Requests, Invitations
UNIT 27 Indirect Questions
UNIT 28 Embedded Questions

Glossary of Grammar Terms
Unit Review Answer Key
Information Gaps, Student B