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Value Pack: Listening Power 3 Student Book and Classroom Audio CD

Tammy LeRoi Gilbert
Bruce Rogers

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2011
Format: Kit/Package/Shrinkwrap

ISBN-10: 0132626489
ISBN-13: 9780132626484

Status: In Stock
Published: 01/14/2011

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Table of Contents

Part 1    Language Focus


Unit 1    Understanding Reduced Forms

Unit 2    Understanding Intonation

Unit 3    Understanding Idioms



Part 2    Comprehension Focus


Building Skills

    Unit 1    Listening for Main Ideas, Supporting Ideas, and Details

    Unit 2    Making Inferences

    Unit 3    Distinguishing Facts and Opinions

    Unit 4    Understanding Patterns of Organization


Applying Skills

    Unit 5    What's Up? McArthur's Universal Corrective Map

    Unit 6    Aha! Moments

    Unit 7    To the Bottom of the World ... by Tractor



Part 3    Note-Taking Skills


Building Skills

    Unit 1    Organizing your Notes

    Unit 2    Omitting Unnecessary Words

    Unit 3    Using Abbreviations and Symbols

    Unit 4    Determining What's Important


Applying Skills

    Unit 5    Evaluating Your Notes

    Unit 6    Note-Taking Practice



Part 4    Listening for Pleasure


Unit 1    Comedy Routine: Lucky Jack at the Laugh Factory

Unit 2    A Radio Play -- the Crimson Parrot: The Glory of the Seas