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Face the Issues: Intermediate Listening and Critical Thinking Skills, 3/e

Carol Numrich

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2007
Format: Paper, 192 pp.

ISBN-10: 013199218X
ISBN-13: 9780131992184

Status: In Stock
Published: 08/24/2006

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Table of Contents

1          Beauty is in the Mind of the Beholder

            Reporter: Jacki Lyden from Weekend All Things Considered


2          A Boy’s Shelter for Street People

            Reporter: Lynn Neary from Morning Edition


3          A Rainbow Effect

            Reporter: Melissa Block from All Things Considered


4          Attached to Crime

            Reporter: Lynn Neary from Morning Edition


5          Their Old Lifestyle is Worth Keeping

            Reporter: Patricia Neighmond from Weekend All Things Considered


6          The Bible Hospital

            Reporter: Linda Wertheimer from All Things Considered


7          The Baby Beeper

            Reporter: Korva Coleman from All Things Considered


8          If It Smells Like Fish, Forget It

            Reporter: Daniel Zwierdling from All Things Considered


9          Home Instead

            Reporter: Chris Arnold from Weekend Edition


10        Living through Divorce

            Reporter: Noah Adams from All Things Considered


11        Meet You on the Air

            Reporter: Wendy Kaufman from All Things Considered


12        Running on Vegetable Oil?

            Reporter: Steve Inskeep from All Things Considered