Table of Contents

True Stories Behind the Songs

Sandra Heyer
Sandra Heyer

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2011
Format: Paper, 112 pp.

ISBN-10: 0132468042
ISBN-13: 9780132468046

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Published: 08/09/2010

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Table of Contents


Unit 1   The Power of the Sun

Song: “Here Comes the Sun”

Story 1: The Day Off

Story 2: Victor’s Private Guatemala


Unit 2    Love Conquers All

Song: “Ring of Fire”

Story 3: Say Yes

Story 4: The 6,000 Steps


Unit 3    Memories and Miracles

Song: “My Melancholy Baby”

Story 5: The Lifesaver

Story 6: Matej’s Perfect English


Unit 4    Taking Chances

Song: “Breakaway”

Story 7: Take a Chance

Story 8: The Dare


Unit 5     Work and Pay

Song: “My Melancholy Baby”

Story 9: Sing a Song or Get a Lawyer?

Story 10: The Bonus Checks


Unit 6     Love for Cats, Big and Small

Song: “I Will Always Love You”

Story 11: The Reunion

Story 12: The Library Cat


Unit 7    The Great Depression

Song: “Happy Days Are Here Again”

Story 13: Happy Days?

Story 14: Keeping Time


Unit 8    All’s Well That Ends Well

Song: “Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?”

Story 15: Louis Armstrong in the Haboob

Story 16: Welcome to New York City


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