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Beyond True Stories

Sandra Heyer

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Copyright: 2003
Format: Paper, 176 pp.

ISBN-10: 0130918148
ISBN-13: 9780130918147

Status: In Stock
Published: 03/26/2003

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Would you believe … ?


  • A woman invests in stocks and makes $22 million -- then donates almost all of it to a university!


  • A Japanese guard helps a prisoner of war survive World War II because of the shared love of an opera aria.


  • The daughter of a grieving widow takes her mother on a vacation cruise -- and both women unexpectedly find romance on board.


Beyond True Stories, by Sandra Heyer, continues and expands the True Stories tradition with eight thematic units, each based on a real-life, human-interest story. Each unit opens with A True Story in the News, followed by readings and activities that explore the theme in the story. Beyond True Stories is a book students won't want to put down.



  •  Reading strategies and vocabulary-building activities (including activities that target the Academic Word List) prepare students for academic work.
  • A variety of texts -- including first-person accounts, expository pieces, graphs, charts, and maps -- provide practice with different kinds of reading.
  • Thought-provoking discussion and writing prompts encourage personal expression and complete the reading process.
  • The book is also available with recordings of the stories on CD.


The True Stories series includes:


True Stories Behind the Songs

More True Stories Behind the Songs

Very Easy True Stories

All New Very Easy True Stories

Easy True Stories, Second Edition

All New Easy True Stories

True Stories in the News, Third Edition

More True Stories, Third Edition

Even More True Stories, Third Edition

Beyond True Stories