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General Information About the Privacy Policy of This Website is operated from 201 West 103rd Street, Indianapolis, IN, 46290, and is part of the Pearson Education family. We can be reached via email.

Pearson Education recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of Personal Identifying Information about you as a user of our Web site. We consider all of the information we collect from you to be Personal Identifying Information, including your email address, name, password, mailing address, phone number, date of birth, job information, skill information, demographic information, and credit card information. This Web site does not collect Personal Identifying Information about a user other than information that is voluntarily provided to our Company; in this way, we can serve the user's needs as well as our own legitimate business purposes. (For example, we retain the Personal Identifying Information that a user provides when he or she registers with Our company may use a user's Personal Identifying Information in order to help us improve our Web site, or for our company's marketing and promotional purposes. This information will be treated confidentially within our company. While our policy is not to share this information with third parties, we may share this information with other companies within Pearson Education, Inc., as well as with our third party partners with whom the user desires pre-registration. Details about the information that is required for third party pre-registration are outlined on the registration page for this Web site. All information that is required for third party pre-registration is shared with the third party in question. You may view any third party privacy statements on its respective third party site.

In addition, we would like to remind our users that any Personal Identifying Information that is voluntarily posted to a public area of this Web site (for example, that which is posted to a bulletin board or chat room) may be collected and used by others, and that there is nothing our Company can do in order to prevent this.

Special Notice to Parents
We have no intention of seeking Personal Identifying Information about minors who visit this Web site; the same privacy policies will apply to that information. In addition, if we can identify a user as a minor, the Personal Identifying Information will not be used for further marketing and promotion. We encourage you to ask your children to seek your permission before they provide information about themselves or their family members over the Internet.

Special Notice to Kids
Ask your parent or guardian for permission before you send any personal information over the Internet.

Advertising contracts with DoubleClick to sell and manage the advertisements that appear on our site. DoubleClick uses "cookies" in order to improve the quality of your visit to the site. "Cookies" are a form of software technology that is used to collect non-personal information about visitors to any particular site. This type of information includes: type of browser used to access the Internet (i.e. Netscape3.0, Internet Explorer 4.0), type of operating system (i.e. Windows 95, Macintosh), and the domain of the visitor's Internet service provider. DoubleClick uses cookies to ensure that you do not see the same advertisements repeatedly and, when possible, to display advertising that is relevant to you based on what you have seen previously. Cookies are anonymous; DoubleClick does not know the name, e-mail address, phone number, or home address of anyone who visits or any other site in the DoubleClick Network. All users receive an ad from DoubleClick through, and therefore remain entirely anonymous to DoubleClick, which may use anonymous information about your visits to this and other web sites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. DoubleClick does not have any information to sell or rent to other parties. If you would like more information about DoubleClick's information gathering practices and to know your choices about not having your information used, please click here. DoubleClick makes available both its policies and information practices at and has voluntarily opened its practices and systems for third party auditing. Read DoubleClick's privacy statement.

Our privacy policies are under frequent review. Any change that is made to our policies will be posted. If you have questions or comments about our privacy policy, you may contact us.

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